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Auto Avionics is an exclusive performance brand developed to meet adrenaline, competition and speed lovers. Our history is closely linked to the history of Biagio Turbos, a Brazilian company which has its own innovative solutions for the development of turbocharges since 1963.

With unique engineering, sales, and marketing teams, our focus is on innovation and personalized service from the purchase to any subsequent need.

Experience, tradition in competitions, constant innovation, and technological evolution make Auto Avionics products have the best workings and durability in the high performance market.

Where everything started:

Mr. Biagio Dell’Agli’s workshop in 1963.

Our factory headquarters is over a 40.000 square meters!

Come visit us!

Tradition in competitions.
Tradition in turbochargers. Our engineer was the trailblazer in turbocharges systems in Brazil.
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